Easy Reindeer Cookies

Rudolph with your nose so bright…

Here’s a fun Christmas cookie project for those of you with young children or grandkids.  No baking required!

All you need is a package of Nabisco Nutter Butter cookies, mini pretzels, M&Ms (both regular and mini-sized if you want parent and baby reindeers), and frosting to attach the pretzel antlers and M&M eyes and nose.

You can make your own vanilla frosting or buy a can of frosting.  Put the frosting in a zip-lock bag and snip the corner off (make it a tiny snip) to pipe little dots of frosting to “glue” on the pretzel pieces and M&Ms.

It’s just…that…easy!

Mama & Papa Reindeer with Baby Reindeer!

Source:  Our Best Bites

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