Muffalata Pizza

My husband Roger and I are major fans of That Pickle Guy’s olive muffalata—and, no, That Pickle Guy hasn’t paid us to say that.  We buy it like everyone else at our local Costco, the only store around that carries it.

Ever since we discovered TPG’s olive muffalata (also spelled muffuletta) which is really just a version of Italian giardiniera, Roger has come up with creative applications for it.  You, of course, can use it in any recipe that calls for Italian giardiniera.

The original muffalata sandwich originated in New Orleans and was created by Sicilian immigrants who layered Italian deli meats and cheeses along with a liberal coating of olive salad in a soft Sicilian bread.  Often the bread would be compressed by laying something heavy on it for a few hours.  As you can imagine, this was a hearty sandwich.

As we, along with so many others, are either cutting down on—if not completely eliminating— bread products, Roger created a roll-up muffalata sandwich, a much lighter version of the original.  Not stopping there, he came up with his version of a muffalata pizza; and I must say he’s done me proud with his kitchen R&D.  This is one very tasty little pizza.

It has all the components of his muffalata roll-up; but, in this case, the tortilla is crisped up in a frying pan with cheese and the deli meats on top before the muffalata garnish.  Hello delicious!  The flavors and texture of this cute little pizza are so good you won’t want to share, so plan on making enough for everyone.

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Muffalata Pizza


  • One 10” Tortilla
  • Cheese:  Choose whatever mix you like.  I prefer using an Italian blend of grated Asiago, Romano, Mozzarella, and Fontina, and often use provolone slices.  I probably use 1/2 cup of the grated cheese mix and 2 slices of provolone.  Use whatever cheeses you like and as much as you prefer.
  • Hard salami, thinly sliced, 2-4 slices
  • Slicing pepperoni, thinly sliced, 3-4 slices
  • Muffalata mix, about 3 heaping tablespoons.  I strongly recommend getting the olive muffalata from That Pickle Guy or you can substitute your favorite Italian giardiniera.


Place tortilla in a fry pan over medium heat

Sprinkle grated cheese and distribute sliced cheese, salami, and pepperoni over the tortilla.  Heat until the cheese melts and the salami and pepperoni start to sweat.  The tortilla bottom should be slightly browned.  Remove from frying pan and place on a microwavable plate.  Put in microwave for about 20-30 seconds.  Cheese should bubble and salami should really have a sweat.  Place on plate and distribute the muffalata over the pizza.  Slice into 6 pieces and eat as you would a pizza.  Yum!

Source:  A Roger original

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