My Top Favorites of 2013 – Round 1


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Last week, I posted the top ten recipes on my site as viewed by my readers in 2013.  Some of the recipes were actually posted in 2013 but remain quite popular and are viewed regularly by people new to the site.  My copycat recipes for the Levain Bakery quartet of cookies fall into this category.  If you haven’t made them yet, you are missing out:  Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies, Levain Bakery Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, Levain Bakery Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and Levain Bakery Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It is difficult to find enough superlatives to describe these decadently delicious cookies!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to review the recipes I made and posted in 2013 and select my own top favorites.  Little did I realize just how difficult it would be to do.  It was virtually impossible to limit myself to just ten favorites.

I decided to approach it by selecting ten recipes that were new to me but were so good that they became a part of my regular rotation.  That means they are really, really good, folks!  I make so many delicious recipes that it is somewhat difficult for a brand new recipe to break into the normal rotation.  There are only so many meals in a day, and I’m not about to set aside dishes we love just because I’ve made them before in order to squeeze in a new recipe–unless it’s absolutely frantastic, of course!

Then I decided to select another ten recipes that were new to the blog in 2013 but which I’ve made and loved in the past.  I also added to this second list recipes that might appear “ordinary” but are anything but.  I’ll be posting my top favorites of 2013, Round 2, shortly–stay tuned!

So, for now, I hope you enjoy this second look at some very delicious meals and tasty desserts.

My Top Favorites of 2013 – Round 1

1.  These jalapeño cheddar chicken burgers rocked my world and became a summer staple.

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2.  This cauliflower soup became an instant favorite with the entire family.

3.  These Asian chicken wraps are beyond delicious and fairly healthy to boot.

4.  This insanely delicious chicken chipotle chowder also became an instant hit with everyone in the family and a couple of co-workers who were happy to get some to taste test.

5.  These delicious, savory quinoa cakes make breakfast really, really special.  Roger and I have them quite often with poached or fried eggs on top; and, whenever anyone visits, we are sure to make and serve these to our guests.  Everyone thinks the quinoa cakes are wonderful and something you might expect to eat at an upscale bed and breakfast inn.

6.  I have to join my readers in putting the copycat Levain Bakery Oatmeal Raisin Cookies on the list.  They are outstanding and are now my gold standard for oatmeal cookies.

7.  Everyone in the family swooned over these chipotle chicken skewers, and I made them all summer.  Will next summer, too!

8.  No one could get enough of this fresh strawberry lemonade!  It is now a family summertime classic.

9.  These cranberry margaritas have spoiled me for all others.  We made them for the first time this Thanksgiving, and they have become an instant holiday tradition.  Totally yum!

10-a.  Now that I’ve made these fabulous pumpkin cream cheese muffins (a Starbucks copycat recipe), I can’t imagine the fall and winter seasons without them.

10-b.  OK, I couldn’t leave these cookies and cream cupcakes off my list, so here’s a bonus selection.  The combination of the fabulous taste, texture, and looks of this cupcake makes it a winner more than worthy to be on my favorites list!

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