My Top Favorites of 2013 – Round 2

Top Ten - 2 (238x211)As promised, here are my top ten favorites of 2013 (in no particular order) which were new to the blog but which are old family favorites.  Some are probably older than a few of you readers!  As you look down the list, you may think that a few of the recipes appear ordinary or somewhat prosaic—but I assure you they are anything but!  Every one of them makes me drool just thinking about them.  Of course, a contributing factor there is that I’m still sticking to my New Year’s resolution to lose weight and am on a diet.  Sigh…

1.  Almond Biscotti – A simple but simply delicious basic Italian biscotti.  It’s hard to stop with eating just one.  Put on a pot of coffee!

IMG_9347 (575x512)

2.  White Chocolate Brownies  – These brownies are decadently rich and oh so moist.

IMG_1427 (575x264)

3.  Mini Flourless Cakes with Chocolate Glaze – One bite of these moist and fudgy cakes will make you weak in the knees!  As a bonus, they’re gluten free.

IMG_1526 (575x412)

4.  Dream of Zucchini Soup – A creamless soup that will make you think you’re cheating on a diet but you’re not.

IMG_5864 (563x575)

5.  Beef Stroganoff – An easy, savory and delicious meal that is dinner-guest worthy.  It’s stick-to-your-ribs good.

IMG_1687 (575x318)

6.  Cheesecake-marbled Brownies – Simply the best.  I threw away all my other marbled brownie recipes after tasting one of these fabulous brownies.

IMG_1663 (575x380)

7.  The Best-ever Italian Wedding Soup – The star appetizer soup of many an Italian wedding dinner.  Homemade stock is best with meatballs to die for!

IMG_2042 (575x469)

8.  Irish Soda Bread – This version of Irish soda bread is more cake-like than traditional soda bread.  It is absolutely delicious slathered with butter and a cup of coffee or tea.

IMG_2263 (575x352)

9.  Chinese Stir Fry – This is a family favorite and as good as any Chinese take-out.

IMG_2682 (575x381)

10.  Coffee Crème Brûlée – Coffee pudding with a crisp sugary topping—need I say more?

IMG_1816 (575x428)

Hope you find a few new family favorites of your own–enjoy!

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