Chocolate Desserts for Valentine’s Day

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Since Valentine’s Day and chocolate are somewhat synonymous, I thought I’d post some recipes that you can make for the special chocoholic(s) in your life.

Here in no particular order are a baker’s dozen of the most decadent chocolate recipes it’s been my pleasure to post on the site—not to mention devour.  Enjoy…

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Chocolate Desserts for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

IMG_2674 (575x289)

Texas Sheet Cake


Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

IMG_3706 (556x575)

Molten Chocolate Cakes with Mint Fudge Sauce

IMG_7917 (575x363)

Chocolate Stout Cake

IMG_8029 (575x423) Chocolate Espresso Truffle Cake

IMG_0038 (575x370)

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes


Southern Style Chocolate Cake

IMG_1897 (575x370)

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Cake

IMG_4261 (575x438)

Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake

IMG_7122 (575x375)

SSC Brownies

IMG_5255 (575x412)

Creamy Chocolate Pudding

IMG_2146 (575x504)

Cheesecake-marbled Brownies

IMG_1663 (575x380)

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