Real Deal Southern Caramel Cake

IMG_1475 (575x383)Both my daughters are northern kind of girls. One of them is sweet on a southern kind of guy.

Last week, Roger and I finally got to meet this sweet guy’s mom who flew up from Atlanta to run with her son in a half marathon being held in our town on Cape Cod. In keeping with the family trait, Peggy turned out to be just as sweet as can be.

Naturally, I wanted to make something special for her visit. A little birdie told me that Southern caramel cake was a favorite dessert of hers. In addition to never having made it before, I had never tasted it before either. I found an authentic recipe for it, and it turned out to be a rich, moist yellow cake slathered with real caramel.

Peggy then introduced me to the term “fork dessert.” She told me that in the South whenever there is a really sweet dessert served people just take a forkful. I would definitely classify this cake as a fork dessert because it is truly sweeee-eet! Absolutely delicious—but a large piece would put you over your daily caloric limit and quite possibly in a sugar coma.

I am one of those kind of people who likes to do a test drive with recipes, but I didn’t have time with this cake. As I watched over the caramel (yes, it takes a good hour and a half to cook it to just the right color and thickness), I worried about whether it would meet southern standards. Not to worry! Peggy and her son assured me that it was truly authentic and an excellent version. Peggy even asked for a couple of pieces to bring back to Georgia so that her mom could sample some, too.

All in all, it was—need I say it?—a sweet visit.

Love in the air…new beginnings…how sweet it is!

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You can find the recipe for the Real Deal Southern Caramel Cake by using this link.

Fran’s Notes

This makes a lot of caramel, so save any leftovers for ice cream, etc.

Source:   A recipe from Grandbaby Cakes via Life, Love and Sugar

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