Watermelon Sorbet

IMG_3315 (575x383)Are you tired of ice cream and sorbet recipes yet?  Obviously, I’m not!

I decided I’d better pick up the pace with my ice cream/sorbet posts since I’ve got more in the pipeline.  The recipes may not be as tempting if I post them when the weather gets cold.  It’s 86 degrees here today on beautiful Cape Cod, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy a fresh, fruity, and frosty sorbet.  Don’t you just love that double alliteration!

As with most sorbets, the ingredients are few—but the results are fabulous.  We’re talking four ingredients—watermelon, lemon juice, sugar and water.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

If you love watermelon as much as I do, you will be in seventh heaven with a dish of this frantastic sorbet.  To say it’s cool and refreshing is the understatement of the year!

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Fran’s Notes

The original recipe as posted below makes a large quantity of sorbet and calls for making it without using an ice cream machine.  I recognized immediately that the volume would be too much for my ice cream machine.  Since I have two ice cream tubs, I decided to make the full recipe and just process half at a time.  You can easily halve the recipe if you want to use your ice cream maker and not bother with making two batches.  It’s so good, though, that I think it’s worth the effort to make the full recipe!

Watermelon Sorbet

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  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 8 cups seedless watermelon
  • 2 tbl. lemon juice


In a small pan, add sugar and water and bring to a boil.  Cook until sugar is dissolved; then set aside to cool.

Cut watermelon and purée in batches and pour through sieve into a large bowl.  Discard any pulpy solids.  Add sugar syrup and lemon juice and mix well.

IMG_3249 (575x428)At this point, you have the option of (1) finishing the sorbet in the freezer without the use of an ice cream maker OR (2) finishing the sorbet in two batches in an ice cream maker.  If using an ice cream maker, you will need to process the mixture in two batches because the volume of the liquid mixture is too much for the ice cream tub to hold.  Alternatively, you can halve the recipe and make the smaller batch in your ice cream machine.


Place watermelon mixture in a 13×9 dish, cover and place in freezer until firm.

Purée frozen mixture before serving.



Make sure you have placed the ice cream tub in your freezer overnight so that it is properly chilled.

After making the watermelon liquid mixture, place in the refrigerator for several hours until it is very cold.

If you have made the full recipe, pour half of the watermelon mixture into your ice cream tub and process for approximately 30 minutes until it reaches a slushy consistency.

IMG_3260 (575x383)Remove mixture from the ice cream tub and put into a freezer safe container.  Place in freezer.

Please note—I have two ice cream tubs, so I was able to continue processing  the remaining half of the watermelon mixture since I had chilled both tubs overnight.  If you have just the one tub, you will need to refreeze it overnight before you can process the remaining mixture.

IMG_3319 (575x383)Source:   A slightly adapted recipe from Cincy Shopper

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